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So what does Gold Seal UAVGS Remote Pilot course cost?

$199 for lifetime access. Every two years you must recertify and test with the FAA. We give you four full years of access so you can study for the two-year recertification cycles. During this time we will continue to update UAVGS with the latest FAA requirements and testing.

What is the FAA 107 Test Like?

The FAA Knowledge Test is administered at either a CATS or Lasergrade testing center. These are FAA approved testing centers located all over the country. These testing centers are serious and the test are administered on a computer under the watchful eye of the center administrators. There are 60 multiple choice questions and you are allowed two hours to complete the test. Minimum passing score is 70%. After completion you will immediately be given your test results.

Can’t I just study using the FAA documents and guides?

You can, but it is very difficult. Most of the FAA documents were designed for manned aircraft. While many of the topics overlap with drone operations, they are frequently not described with drones in mind. The main pilot textbook, the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, (for example) contains over 600 pages. Only 50 or 60 of those pages relate to questions on the Remote Pilot test. It is a very tough job to know exactly what to study and what to skip over. You need a guided program like Gold Seal UAV Ground School that covers everything you need to know, including real FAA test Questions and answers.

Does the Gold Seal UAVGS provide me with a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. When you complete the course, a Certificate of Completion will be automatically generated. It will be signed and dated by a FAA Certificated Flight Instructor attesting to your completion of the Part 107 Remote Pilot course.

Will the course prepare me for FAA certification as a UAS pilot?

Yes. The Gold Seal UAV Ground School uses fully FAA-compliant materials and uses the actual FAA’s curriculum as outlined in the Airman Certification Standards and 14 CFR Part 107. With diligent study, after completing the Ground School you will be totally prepared to pass the FAA Knowledge Test for Remote Pilot with Small UAS Rating. You will be able to take the Remote Pilot Test at any testing center in the United States.

How many questions are on the FAA test?

Your test will be taken at an authorized testing center in your area and will contain 60 questions out of a pool of around 400. You will have two hours to complete this multiple-choice supervised computerized test. No cheating allowed, these testing facilities are tough and only allow a pencil and a basic +-*/ calculator. If you are already a Private pilot, you may take a 35-question online test with the FAA and it is free. 

How do I get my Remote Pilot Certificate?

When you pass your written test you will receive a hard copy Knowledge Test Report. You will next create an account at iacra.faa.gov and submit your request online. During this procedure, you will be asked to enter a number from your Knowledge Test Report. After completion of your submission, if no problems arise, you will receive an email containing a link. Use this to print your temporary certificate.

After I pass the Part 107 test can I start flying commercially?

You must first receive your temporary airman certificate. This is a paper copy that you print out yourself. A permanent plastic certificate will arrive in the mail several weeks later. You must have either a temporary or permanent airman certificate in your possession before operating under Part 107

Will the Gold Seal UAV Ground School run on an iPad?

Most of the lessons will run on your iPad. In fact, these will also run on your standard laptop/desktop computer, so you have your choice. Lessons that will run on your iPad are marked with an orange icon containing the numeral “5”. Lessons that are not marked with the orange icon will only run on your laptop/desktop machine. Virtually everything else in the Gold Seal Ground School will run on either your iPad or conventional computer perfectly. This includes access to all of the supplemental and library resources, quizzes, and quiz reviews. Note that all of the lessons are animated and narrated and will operate most smoothly on your standard computer.

Can I talk to a real person if I have questions?

Yes. You can contact us via email from several Contact Links throughout the Gold Seal UAV Ground School website.

Or, feel free to give us a call at 888-514-1945 (Gold Seal) or 678-513-4450 (UAV Experts)
Monday-Friday, 10:00am (eastern) to 4:00pm (eastern).