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What Is Night?

Diving into what the FAA determines as “night” and what that means for you as a professional remote pilot!

Pass Your FAA Part 107 Exam

Want to turn your hobby into a career? Or make some extra money on the side. Start with our Free Instructional videos. Then Enroll in our program and pass your FAA Part 107 written exam to transform your drone into a money making machine!

Our staff of FAA Certified Flight Instructors have helped pilots pass FAA exams for over 10 years! Tens of thousands of pilots have passed with us and we can help you succeed!

Part 107, who needs it?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need to get your Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate, here is a brief explanation of who it’s for.

On Set with Gold Seal

Come on set with Gold Seal during our video shoot on October 12th! Interested in how you can make this your career?

Filling Out Your IACRA

You passed your Part 107 exam, now what? Step by step instructions on filling out your IACRA and getting your Remote Pilot Certificate.

Waivers vs. Authorizations

Want to fly outside the Regulations, or want to fly in controlled airspace associated with an airport?

Here is the difference between the two applications, and how to fill them out!

Class G & E Airspace

Untowered airspace can be a tricky subject for anyone. This video gives an awesome visualization of where it is, what it looks like, and your requirements to fly in it!


Finding out what’s going on in the airspace around you is one of the most important parts of a good preflight! Watch this video to learn how to get NOTAMs and TFRs in your area.

Lats and Longs

Learning how to find your position using latitude and longitude can be tricky if it isn’t something you’re used to do! Here’s a few ways to do it.


Nate talks about the differences between AGL (Above Ground Level) and MSL (Mean Sea Level) altitudes using real test questions from the FAA Part 107 Exam!


Nate talks about how important it is to have the proper documentation when conducting any kind of flight operation.

Towered Airspace in 3D

Airspace can be a complicated subject, but it’s all in how you look at it!

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test | What Is Night?

Diving into what the FAA determines as “night” and what that means for you as a professional remote pilot!